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March  2016



 Rector of the Benefice: St.Paul's Chichester with St Peter's

Reverend Canon Simon Holland


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Curate: Reverend Karen Young


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 Annie Barnes: fannebarnes@btinternet.com   01243 377150


John Proctor: john.proctor2@btinternet.com 01243 544747



  Newsletter Editor: Margaret Hughes


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Sunday 6th March                                    8.00am        Holy Communion.                

Mothering Sunday                                9.45am        Family Service                                                          


Sunday 13th March                              9.45am             Parish Eucharist            

Passion Sunday                                                  Sunday School in the Vestry


Sunday 20th March                        8.00am        Holy Communion

Palm Sunday                                         9.45am           Parish Eucharist  

                                                                                     Sunday Club in the Vestry


Thursday 21st March                             6.00pm              Eucharist of the Last Supper

Maundy Thursday                                                        


Friday 25th March                                   2.00pm             Service of readings, prayer

Good Friday                                                               and meditation


Saturday 26th March                        7.30pm        Service of Light and first

Easter Vigil                                                        Eucharist of Easter


Sunday 27th March                                 9.45am               Parish Eucharist

Easter Day                                                  Easter Crafts in the Vestry



Morning Prayer takes place every Wednesday from 9 - 9.30 am. All very welcome.                                          


Pastoral Care : If you would like to speak to a priest, for any reason, please contact the Rev'd Canon Simon Holland or the Rev'd Karen Young whose details are on the front of this Newsletter.


Women's World Day of Prayer service on Friday 4th March at 2pm at St George's Church, Whyke,  entitled “Receive Children, Receive Me''.  This year it is prepared by the Christian women of Cuba.  Please come and learn something about their country and share in this worldwide act of praise.  Join us for soup and a roll at 1.00pm.


The  PCC will meet on Tuesday 8th March.   If you have anything that you would like to raise please let Annie or John know.


Children's Church :        Sunday 13th March: Sunday School in Vestry

                                         Sunday 20th March: Sunday Club in Vestry

                                         Sunday 27th March: Easter crafts in the Vestry 

Further information from Kate Peregrin:  kate.peregrin@gmail.com


Produce stall : There is no produce stall during Lent, the next one will be in April lesley@davisaylingmedia.co.uk.


Mothers and Others : Thursday 17th March when we will enjoy a Chocolate Experience.

Foodbank : next collection is on 13th March. Thank you for all your donations which are really appreciated. This month there is a particular need for sponge puddings, rice, long life fruit juice, washing powder, washing up liquid and nappies sizes 4/5 or 6. Many thanks Tracey Flitcroft. traceyflitcroft@sky.com  


Electoral Roll – the official list of members of the church who are eligible to vote at the Annual Church Meeting. We will be updating our Electoral Roll in preparation for the APCM. If you are not already on the roll, have been baptised and have been attending St Peter's regularly for at least 6 months, please see Annie, John (churchwardens) or Attila Vecsei, our Electoral Roll Officer, for an application form. We would encourage you to do this. We also need to know if you have moved so that we can amend your contact details, or if you would like to be removed from the list for any reason.  Last year's list will be on the notice board in the church.  The forms need to be returned at the latest by Sunday 20th March so that the updated Electoral Roll can be prepared and presented at the APCM on Sunday 10th April.

From The Rev. Karen  Young ….

Like most people these days, I am a passionate supporter of the equality of men and women, but I’m not sure I would describe myself as a feminist.  I am, I regret, rather irritated at those who insist on referring to God as ‘She’.   You won’t find me suggesting we alter the Lord’s Prayer to ‘Our Mother who art in heaven’!


However I think we all recognise that parental love - and maternal love in particular - is something to celebrate and, of course, this month we mark Mothering Sunday on 6th March.  It is fortunate that this coincides with our family service and thus is an opportunity for our children and young people to join in our worship and to show appreciation for their mothers and those who care for them.


Mothering Sunday is always the fourth Sunday in Lent and is also known as ‘Refreshment Sunday’.  Historically, this was the Sunday when the restrictions of Lent were lifted (slightly!) and when people who worked as servants returned home to see their mother, often taking a Simnel cake with them for refreshment.  It was also the day when was traditional to go to the ‘Mother Church’ – the local cathedral or minster.


Not all women are mothers and not everyone knew – or liked- their mother – and, of course, for many of us, our mother has long since died.  Mothering Sunday can be a day of sadness and some people may feel excluded.  So it is important to remember that the day is about much more than just our mothers.  It is a time to celebrate all the special people who love and nurture us – mums, dads, grandparents or teachers or friends.


The love of God is the best example we have of unselfish, uncomplicated, unconditional and everlasting love.  It is reflected in the unconditional love of a mother to her child and also in our church family where all are welcome.   We are all the children of a God - praise be to Her!             Karen

A plea for photographs :  We are re-vamping the church website, so if anyone has digital photographs of any of the events run by St Peter’s during 2015, please could they send them to John Proctor at john.proctor2@btinternet.com.  Many thanks.


Westhampnett WI welcomes new members to our small friendly group. We meet at the March School at 7.30 on the third Thursday of each month. If you are interested in the activities and programme please ring Ann Kent, 01243 784326.


Date for your diary …. Saturday 16th April Jumble Sale : more details nearer the time. We will need a good team of helpers and please start sorting and collecting – don't throw it away!!!                                                      


At St Paul's...


St.  Paul's  and  City  of  Chichester   Mothers'  Union :  Thursday  17th   March.

Deaconess Brenda from the cathedral will lead a Lenten Meditation. The meeting will be in the St Paul's Parish Centre starting 11am following  the regular 10.00am Eucharist (and coffee). Anyone is welcome to join us for the service and this time with Brenda. For more details please contact Janet Watson 01243 788525.


At the Cathedral…


Saturday 12th March at 7.30pm. Concert : The Chichester Singers will perform the Nelson Mass by Haydn and Mirror of Perfection by Richard Blackford. Tickets from 01243 813595, www.chichestercathedral.org.uk.                                                      




“She heard me calling.

Crying out for someone.

She knew I was alone and afraid

So she came.

She took my hand warmly,

And I surrendered to her sweet sympathy.

She didn't intrude

But I opened my heart.

I knew she wouldn't nag.

I knew she wouldn't advise.

She would just be there for me,

Ready with a willing ear

And an encouraging smile.

Honest sincerity.

I felt safe with her near.

My best friend

And my mother.''

All my love, Ali ..... from a teenage girl.